Our Story

Over the generations, my family passed down delicious recipes from our Chinese-Japanese-Canadian-Hawaiian American heritage. Having faced discrimination throughout my life and given the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes, I sought to find a way to spread understanding through cultural appreciation. Since food is a common language across cultures, I have decided for the first time ever to make our home made cookies and candies available to the San Francisco Bay Area.

I hope to share the beauty of Asian Pacific Islander culture through my tasty treats. The final selection of products were highly rated by a panel of over 50 people of different ethnicities. The Mahjong candies, made with traditional Japanese matcha, honor the traditional Chinese game which served as a universal language through which I could share love and laughter with my grandparents. The Kona coffee cookies are a classic Hawaiian tradition. Chocolate Chip cookies are of course a classic American tradition!

I hope you enjoy the treats as much as I enjoy making them for you! Thank you for supporting a local family and a local artist.